Image Optimization

When it comes to the speed of the site, the pictures are the most important factor in site loading time. Google and other search engines give high priority to Web sites that are highly optimized for speed. Image optimization is the key to fast Web page screen. Optimizations photo on the Internet is very important if you are using e-commerce website or online store. E-commerce represents more than 50 percent of the average site and determines the speed of its display pages. On the basis of current trends in technology, it is better to improve the load time on the site before they lose their clients. Therefore, it has become a top priority in order to compress the images on your site in order to accelerate and rank your site higher in search engines.

Let graphics optimization experts at PhotoPixlr optimize your graphics for providing maximum speed. We PhotoPixlr squeeze the image size; condense the image size and heightening the image for the end user without any damage of class or any deviancy.