Image Shadow

Most of the time people get aggravated with shadows, But if one use them properly they can be useful and can make very natural looking products. There are many ways to add a shadow to make a piece of substance looks natural and genuine, But the main concern is how to add. The process of refining will make a clear and coherent picture. We at Photopixlr implement various shadows making techniques e.g.

Natural shadow

Creating a natural shadow is really harder than it actually sounds.  Using the proper equipment& tools necessary for the great effort to bring the natural look and in these cases the lighting, after the change, the post editing will carve out the gorgeous appearance.

Reflection shadow

To make the images more attractive and tempting to people, reflection shadow is used. It gives the appearance of a specular reflection of the product. Now, any product image will be more realistic than ever. One can also add a small shadow to the bottom with feathered curves because it will produce the hyper state of the image.

Drop Shadow

This may seem like basic element of graphic design, but at the same time it requires a lot of skill to make efforts to succeed. A shadow is a simple task, but when it comes to reforming into something more professional, the difference is enormous. Technically speaking, the shadow is also the image or gray white, which is identical to the creation of targeted objects. The image is then softened and inserted after the object. The polished image will have a more professional outlook.